Venn Arts is a creative resource for searching, identifying, and procuring the most compelling music for your project. We have the capacity to skillfully navigate in any creative direction and produce thoughtful and well-vetted music recommendations at any budget. 


Venn Arts is a licensing advisor and buyer of music rights. We have a keen and high-level understanding of the complexities of music copyright, and we effectively negotiate and clear any necessary artist approvals in order to move forward and secure licensed music for your project. We are strategic in our approach and leverage market expertise, industry relationships, and promotional opportunities to the mutual benefit of the client and rights owners. 


Venn Arts will craft ideas and concepts around artist partnerships, music activations, and sponsorships that align with brand strategy and objectives. We offer a point of view that serves to add relevance and value to program development and execution.


Venn Arts will negotiate personal services and loan-out agreements for clients interested in utilizing music talent for their marketing. We also research union contracts and advise commercial producers of any applicable "new-use" or re-use payments due to the singers or musicians used as off-camera or on-camera performers in the production. 


Venn Arts will consult clients on any cross promotional opportunities with the artist or band featured in their marketing.